Cynder is my pseudonym that I use for my design work Online, I started my career as a professional clothing designer over 10 years ago after graduating with a BA Hons, working in a very competitive and fast paced industry which was great for a few years however after seven spent traveling and not being as creative as I would of liked I found that it was less than fulfilling for me as a designer and the passion that I felt for the area of design was dwindling fast within the strict confines of retail.


As much as I love Fashion, which I will not lie I do, I also love a challenge and the process of creation, that love of challenge led me to many creative forms of expression from web design to 3D modelling. After spending a few years honing new skills and pushing boundaries both mentally and technically and much slamming of mouse and keyboard to yells of "WHY!"  CynderBlue came to be..


So here we are a few years down a long and winding path or creativity looking from new and exciting projects to get my teeth into.


All my work is my own and comes from a variety of sources as all credible designers will tell you inspiration comes from the strangest and most unexpected of places and you never know quite where those tiny threads of ideas will lead.




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