Terms and Conditions


 Confirmation of receipt


 I will confirm acceptance of your order as soon as I receive it.



Delivery and Charges


All Delivery is in addition to your order quote, your delivery requirements should be confirmed at the time you place your order and will be billed as agreed.



All Charges if not shown will be made clear at the point of order confirmation and will not be subject to alteration unless the requirements of the project are altered by the client from those of the last quote being issued.


 Payment and Refunds


Payment is best made by Pay Pal on the website or can be by other means such as cheque if you prefer. If you prefer to pay other than by Pay Pal, please contact me first. For products must be paid for in full before they are dispatched and refunds are available only for faulty goods that can not be reasonably fixed within a reasonable time-scale.




All attempts are made to bring you the highest quality products possible, we offer a variety of qualities and size options on prints and models from basic to HD or High Poly so ensure you select the right one for your requirements.


 Any requests that differ from those offered can be requested through the contact us form, please confirm your requirements if it is outside of those offered prior to purchase.


 Both Digital download and uploads are available along with physical prints or disk copies when requested.





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